Case Studies

Case Studies


A group of 20 professionals (14 at managerial level and 6 administrative staff) have had their department recently restructured and reorganised. As a result there is a huge breakdown in synergy amongst the entire group. In addition the group has twice monthly staff meetings. This however, is creating even more tension between team members because there is no structure to the meetings and they do not feel the meetings as they are, are a productive use of their time.


INTERACT was used in their staff meetings to motivate the team to move them forward. IceBreaker helped put the team at ease. teamBuilderwas incorporated to give the teams the focus and the structure they needed at their staff meetings. The questions were used on numerous occasions one card at a time, other times as an exercise in leadership, to help the team, function as a team, to strengthen team morale, and encourage the group to discuss their differences. In addition to this, a workshop was organised. teamBuilder Question Cards were incorporated into the day to help colleagues address barriers and to open communication channels.

Threshold Group, USA

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