Customise INTERACT?


We offer Customisations of the INTERACT tool to reflect your organisations core values and competencies. 

Our Service your product:
A customised version of INTERACT IceBreaker™ & teamBuilder™ to reflect YOUR COMPANY'S core values
Co-Branding of each game 
8 Co-Branded and Customised games
A 1-2 hour in-house training session for 15 employees facilitated by THE INTERACT TEAM
A creative and innovative way to learn core company values. "Experience the power of play at work".

Optional Addition:
A level 2 version of the cards can be created that are more interactive. The deck includes questions that ask participants to sing, draw, role-play or create slogans as part of the answers. This deck has 25 cards and will have an additional fee. Ask the INTERACT team for pricing.

Benefits for Subsidiaries:
We also offer any subsidiaries the opportunity to customise a version, at a 35% discount.

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