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The recent emergence of Twitter has suddenly increased the ever growing popularity in social networking? Sites like Facebook, My Space, and online games are constantly gaining new members. Could it be that we are craving the basics like family and friendship. The village and community that we were once a part of have changed beyond recognition. The wider world has now become our neighbors with just the click of a button.

Speaking of Twitter – utterly inane or seriously brilliant? Ashton Kutcher made it his mission to beat Larry King on CNN to reach 1 million viewers in the popularity stakes and he did. The competition was fierce; was it a publicity stunt, a fad, an ego driven tactic, or merely a way of connecting to the world at large. During this race, even Oprah decided to join.

You may ask why anybody would be interested in following the “tweeting phenomenon”, or the vast number of “blogs”, some ludicrous, yet, the hundreds of millions of people who are participating on these social networks seem to be saying something different. What are the reasons? Could it be because we want desperately to be acknowledged; to let the world know we exist?

And even more ridiculous, why the desire to add numerous unknown acquaintances that we call “friends” to our personal network or to have them “follow” us because we have a random thought? Do we honestly care or is this more about an innate need to feel connected even if it’s with people we really don’t know and will never really know?

The virtual world has become more popular than the actual world we live in. What does thi say for our kids and teens who are learning that virtual is a new form of reality?

Is it safer to have an intimate relationship and connection with members of a group who we never meet to avoid being emotionally attached to any one person? Or is it the power to connect and be a part of something bigger than ourselves. What’s the underlying motivation?

After all is said and done, what happened to sitting down and having a face-to-face conversation with a real friend?

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  1. Jane Moloney says:

    I think we are more likely to misunderstand written word in an email, blog or facebook site. Spoken word face to face is accompanied by facial expression and tones and inflections in the voice as well as body language. On more than one occasion I have noticed people taking offense to an email or facebook/twitter message as they have taken it out of context. I do not think, and hope that the virtual world does not ever take the place of face to face, person to person conversation.

  2. First to Twitter . Point one, its a fad . No one need worry about whether they twitter or not . Its merely a personal decision ,roughly on a par with whether to greet people by kisssing on both cheeks or not . I choose not to kiss any body at all , by the way. People ask the question ” why would I want to follow a trail of random banal postings ” Therein lies the answer – you wouldn’t . So dont .
    Some one is having a massive joke on us and personally I am not laughing . Twitter is utterly pointless . For those for whom it fills a need I suggest intensive therapy . To be dragged in to something so meaningless out of a need to either belong or to be seen to be an early adopter is simply sad . Its soemone elses construct and as such to join in is to totally sell your soul .
    The original posting begs the question about a need to be connected . Its not a connection , its a dis connection . Its a further contribution to the increasingly dystopian society we live in . Hell use to be other people , now its just everyone .
    Now Facebook . Here is a phenomonon. I am rapidly coming to the view that no one over about 25 should be anywhere near Facebook . It is the final destination on the route to indignity and banality that we have been travelling since the invention of the mobile phone . Before the mobile phone was invented , dignity and privacy were a natural part of human behaviour . Since the mobile phone came into being the descent into endemic crassness has been meteoric.
    Mobile phones went from expensive business essential and poseurs status symbol to the absolute bane of modern life in a scant decade. Now its impossible to escape the reach of friends, salesman and family for a second . If people cant reach you they go mad . the notion of the mobile phone being for the owners convenience has vanished to be replaced by a belief that everyone must be available to anyone all the time. Worse than that we all have to share the outpourings of all and sundry wherever we are . Everyone has a mobile phone and therefore we all have to listen to the crushingly boring and inane conversations of strangers everywhere – all conducted at a volume guaranteed to ensure it cant be blanked out . Each parties right to dignity is lost . So there was the beginning of it .
    Next up celebrity culture and its tragic cousin reality TV . Fuelled by the compulsive argument that to be like Jade ( RIP ) is OK, the whole chav culture exploded in our faces and of course embraced these four essential elements of modern life . Celebrity culture , an abandonment of dignity , contempt for privacy and a willingness to buy into any fad . Into this compost heap someone added the most potent agent of decay – Facebook . Now everything has to be on Facebook or it hasnt happened . Even random thoughts ( a la twitter ) have to be shared to be real. The notion of doing anything for its own sake has been consigned to the history books of human behaviour . Its not a stretch to iamagine that people now do things only in order to be able to share them on Facebook . In terms of loss of dignity and privacy this is the zenith or should I say the nadir.
    Living in this undignified , public world , forced to share the lives of people I despise is desperately uncomfortable . I am a normal person – get me out of here ! Sir Wanton Cleavage

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