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Since rolling out the Empowered Administrative Professional Program, we've seen many success factors includeing an overall increase in morale, motivation and commitment to results .

Teresa Ortiz, Performance Develpment & Training Advisor

Ernst & Young LLP.

INTERACT Professional Services

Internal Audits for teams, departments or organizations

Purpose: To provide a needs assessment to uncover the core issues that impede productivity, results and overall performance from a functional group, intact team, department or organization.


  • Understand the specific issues related to the breakdown
  • Determine plan of action to improve communication, morale, productivity and performance related to the breakdown.
  • Individuals have the opportunity to be heard by expressing their viewpoints in a safe and confidential manner
  • Builds team or organizational trust when actions get put in place
  • Save money by dealing with the core issue(s) rather than secondary issues


vary depending on size and scope of needs assessment. Email info@interactgamesllc.com for more information. Please provide company name, size and reason for needs assessment, how many interviews/surveys to be conducted and overall outcome you would like from the assessment.

Process Overview:

30-40 minute interviews with key stakeholders (EA’s, Office Professionals, Managers and/or HR) to understand the climate of the culture and concerns/issues that the group, team, department or the organization is facing.  

Recommended Interviews are conducted either face-to- face or over the phone
OR a Customized email survey to gather the information.

All needs assessments are summarized in an Overview and maintains the confidentiality of the individuals who participated. Clients receive a recommended action plan and 45 minute consultation(via phone or in person) on how best to implement plan.

The Advanced Office Professional Series (AOPS) - 3 Options

˝ day and  full day sessions with 10-18 participants. Price is based on number of participants and level of customization.

Benefits: Lower stress, increase productivity, build stronger teams, and improve communication skills while gaining more self awareness  in a constantly changing environment.

Option 1. Stress Less for Office Professionals:

  • Learn the 5 keys to using stress to motivate you
  • Discover which myths about stress are getting in your way
  • Understand the stress triggers that take you off course
  • Create an action plan that lowers your stress level at work in a designated team or as part of a functional group

Option 2. teamBuilder™ - an experiential and interactive ˝ day program uses values-based workplace scenarios to improve:

  • Listening for understanding
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Accountability
  • Decision-making skills during times of change.

Option 3. The Administrative Leadership Paradigm Program (ALPP) ™ – ˝ or full day highly interactive program that shows you how to lead when you are not in charge.

Participants will learn to:

  • Review and assess themselves using the components of the ALP
  • Understand and implement the New Leadership Paradigm
  • Create an action plan to make critical changes to shift this paradigm based on  roles and responsibilities.

Coaching for Office Professionals

– Email info@interactgamesllc.com to inquire about 30 and 50 minute rates.

  1. Individual one-on-one coaching for Office Professionals to strategically manage the constantly changing environment, their expanded role and responsibilities as well as to support their professional success or goals.
  2. Coaching Office Professionals or administrative teams. Identify strategic business opportunities that are aligned with their team or departmental goals. Design, implement and evaluate a plan for leveraging this opportunity.
  3. Determine specific area-wide strategic opportunity within each EA-team or the Administrative community at large. Each team/community designs, implements and evaluates plan for leveraging this opportunity given their circle of influence and the overall goals of the organization.

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