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Personalogy™ Summer vacation photo contest begins June 17th

LOS ANGELES (June 17, 2014) – Interact Games LLC today, announced the summer kickoff of Personalogy™, [, $20] a provocative, pocket-sized card game for ages 16 and older. The game was created by Los Angeles-based Michelle Burke and UK-based Lilamani de Silva. Co-founders of Interact Games LLC, Burke and de Silva sought to inspire and challenge people to put their electronic devices down and have a conversation. The game fits as easily as a smartphone in your purse or beach bag.

In a May 6, 2014 article in the New York Times reported that Amazon saw double-digit percentage increases on sales of board games from 2012 to 2013. Bruce Whitehill, board game inventor and editor of The Big Game Hunter, lauded Personalogy™ as a laugh-out-loud experience. “We were all laughing at the same time.”

“Many of our questions are off-the-wall, some downright absurd,” says Michelle Burke, author, communications consultant/strategist and co-founder of Interact Games LLC. “With the explosion of smartphones, the art of conversation borders on extinction. I noticed a trend when going out to restaurants or bars seeing people sitting together and just looking at their phones. We wanted to find a fun way to get people talking and laughing.”

The game consists of 120 topical and intriguing questions, each with multiple-choice answers. Players are challenged to guess what answer their opponent will most likely select and why. Your ‘opponent’ can be your best friend, partner, sibling, those you just met at happy hour or simply a group of people vacationing together. Questions cover everything from lifestyle, pop culture, psychobabble, to sports and dating. Following is a sample question:                                                                     

What candy best reflects my personality and why?

  1. Snickers Bar
  2. Everlasting Gobstopper
  3. Hot Tamales
  4. Champagne Truffle
  5. Pay Day

“Personalogy encourages players to share stories,” says Interact Games LLC co-founder Lilamani de Silva, a trained biochemist and former UK television producer. “The interactive component of describing the “why” is what generates surprises – even to long-married couples who thought they really knew each other. Personalogy improves ‘face time’ and is an antidote for road trips, planes, trains and vacations.”

A photo contest launches today in which players post photos of the Personalogy™ game on Facebook in signature fun locations or vacation settings. Winners will receive free games or Amazon gift cards throughout the summer.


About Interact Games LLC

Interact Games LLC was co-founded by Michelle Burke and Lilamani de Silva in 2006 with the mission to create fun products and educational tools of value for home, work and school. The products bridge the communication gap and foster enduring relationships between families, friends, co-workers and acquaintances. For more information, visit or


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An entirely new concept in management training that has taken the United States by storm has arrived in Britain and is being 'test driven' by experts at the JPD Group, Cheshire's leading management coaching organisation.
Directors at the JPD Group using the game (seated left to right Bob Mitchell, Operations Director, Dr David Jones, Environmental Director and John Hulme, Chairman).

INTERACT, a management training tool that has been cleverly disguised as a fun card game, has already been used by US commercial giants including Microsoft and Boeing.

Northwich Guardian, Oct 20 2004

Now senior members of JPD, a training company based at Plumley near Knutsford, are putting INTERACT through its paces to evaluate its effectiveness in the workplace.

"INTERACT is a fun and inclusive teambuilding tool that anyone in industry can play," explained Lilamani de Silva, an INTERACT director who played a crucial role in developing and launching the game in the United States.

Speaking from her London office she said: "In fact INTERACT has two games in the one box. IceBreaker, which has been described as a 'latte in a box' is a quick and entertaining game aimed at literally breaking the ice for groups of players.

"Participants answer creative and interesting questions about themselves that may have little to do with work but which break down barriers and aid communication".

"In teamBuilder, however, groups are divided into small teams with some players assuming the role of Team Leader. The thought provoking questions in this game are designed to stimulate individuals to give their opinions and perspectives on a variety of business related topics from leadership to integrity and diversity".

"Ultimately the players are encouraged to have meaningful conversations about important topics that come up regularly at work. The game and its questions can also be customised to make it even more relevant to a specific industry or company."

New Zealand born Lilamani, who was part of the Interact development team, added: "The beauty of INTERACT is that its players can have fun, develop bonds and learn and grow."

JPD Chairman John Hulme discussed INTERACT with Lilamani after hearing about its arrival on the UK training scene.

"Having been in the training industry for many years, I was fascinated to hear of this new concept and offered to evaluate how effective it was using some of our most senior people," said Mr Hulme.

"So far the reaction has been very positive and we are considering putting some information onto our website. It could be a useful team building tool for those companies with staff spread across the country who rarely meets up."

Further information about INTERACT is available by calling: 0207 602 2286 

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