Client Reviews

What People are Saying...
I would definitely recommend this game to other colleagues and companies. Most of the team said they weren't really looking forward to the 'Team Building' and were worried about what it entailed - but afterwards everyone raved about it.

Nancy Flint, Vice President, Head of Corporate Access, Merrill Lynch


We found it fun, easy to use and immediately effective in bringing all levels within the organization together so that constructive work could be achieved in a very short period of time. Everyone felt included--all ideas were listened to and many new ideas came from the sessions with regards to moving forward in interpersonal relationships at work.

Sheryll Karpel, Director, Career Moves


INTERACT teamBuilderTM  is a useful training tool for bringing participants together from various locations to build trust and foster open communication. I will be using it again.

Barbara Grahn, Training and Development, Stanford University


INTERACT teamBuilderTM is certainly less expensive than having a consultant come in. Also, an advantage is that one can use this over a very long period of time, using one question per meeting if so desired and that you can't do with a consultant. This tool definitely saves money. It’s effective because you can determine which questions to use which can serve a very wide range of workers from hourly to salaried.

Mary Lerner, Learning and Development, Automated Packaging Systems, USA


Consulting Services Testimonials:

Michelle Burke's presentation provided the opportunity for our admins to identify where we could improve and begin to implement change in our working relationships. Your session provided not only the challenge for each of us to "step out of our box," but gave us the tools to help us do just that. Our tema left the session with renewal enthusiasm, and the skills taught that afternoon are being used daily.

Patricia A. Gallagher, Administrative Secretary
Office of John C. Onoda, Vice President-Worldwide Communications
General Motors Corp.


[Michelle] your efforts not only benefited the trainees, but also the people they support. As a result of this training we are establishing working partnerships that leverage the key players in our organization. I believe that Cobra Golf is a better company because of these efforts.

David A. Schaefer, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Cobra Golf, Inc.


Our administrative staff have experienced growth in areas of assertiveness and communication, especially with their managers, as a result of [Executive Counterparts] training sessions. I also see a change in the managers' understanding of the importance of the role of their administrative assistants.

Bernanrd Lerner, President
Automated Packaging Systems, Inc.


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for participating in our Annual Secretaries Week lunchtime forums. Your keynote speech on Friday capped off a week of exciting programs for the secretaries of The Walt Disney Company."

Tina Barry, Supervisor, Employee Development, The Walt Disney Company


The first time I used INTERACT teamBuilderTM was with a banking client of mine that had some serious teamwork issues. After using the game with the group, the following week several group members called me to say that communication was better with their co-workers and they learned it from the game and how smooth the week was going. INTERACT teamBuilderTM is now my tool of choice when working with clients that have teamwork issues.

Chris Sopa, Inspirational Speaker/Wellness Consultant, Chris Sopa International, Inc.


We used the INTERACT cards as a discussion tool in table groups: a certain number of cards were placed at each table, and participants took turns selecting a card, reading the scenario and engaging in conversation with the other participants. After 20 minutes or so, we asked for report-outs on selected scenarios and how decisions were made that reflected the values of the company. The participants found the activity thought provoking and lots of fun.

Liz Barbour, HR, Boeing, Seattle, USA


INTERACT teamBuilderTM is a novel and powerful way for any team to improve their communication with integrity and openness.

Tony Marven,


What was so interesting about INTERACT teamBuilderTM is that we were paired with different people that we did not normally work with on a daily basis. At first everyone was on their best behavior because we had never worked with the person before but then as the exercise went on we learned from the other person new and inventive ways to handle various situations. I really enjoyed this session.

J. Monohan, Aramark , USA


I thought the Team Building exercise was both educational (I learnt quite a bit about my colleagues that I didn't already know) and fun (the games certainly managed to break the ice). I enjoyed it and would highly recommend it to any other team to take part in.

Sophie Buckenham, Conference Manager, Merrill Lynch Client Marketing Group


iceBreaker Testimonials:

My whole family had a great time using the Icebreaker cards you gave out up at our last offsite. This is a great product for work and home!

Sheila Jordan, VP Cisco Systems


We played the game at my staff party and loved it.  I truly think it to be very exciting and informative and you learn so much about people.

Lisa Gyselen, Contribute Magazine Inc, New York


Icebreaker was intelligent, stimulating and fun, and it got a better class of communication going.

J Pullini, Director, Career Moves, Recruitment Agency


We used it on a retreat to literally break the ice and not only did it work, it facilitated people who don’t work together to get to know each other better in a fun and easy way.

C. Amico, Creative Directions


Your enthusiasm for what you do and the professionalism you bring to the job is unequalled. The Empowered Assistant met many of the needs with which the administrative professionals have struggled, and it shifted a few paradigms about how they think about themselves. We know that people's behaviors are - to some degree - created by how they think of themselves. This shift in thinking has already produced some major changes and I am confident those positive changes will continue over time

Charlotte Pizzo, Training & Development, Guidant Corp.


Since rolling out the Empowered Administrative Professional Program, we've seen many success factors including an overall increase in morale, motivation and commitment to results.

Teresa Ortiz, Performance Development & Training Advisor
Ernst & Young LLP


I wish I had this information 20 years ago. My progress might have been faster then, and I would be in a different place now

Sydney Whaley, Administrative Assistant, Tandem Information Management