We provide educational tools and entertaining games for work, home and play. All of our products are designed to bring people together, to inspire minds, generate more creativity and to initiate better communication, understanding and appreciation of each other while having fun. 
Our products for work are specifically designed to increase productivity, decrease stress, resolve everyday-type conflicts and generate positive and effective communication at all levels of the organization. Our purpose is to provide better team interaction with co-workers, managers, and executives. They foster open, honest and direct discussions and encourage participants to listen, be heard and value other’s perspectives in order to achieve their goals. Ultimately, we strive to create long lasting, consistent results.

  • The results at work are an increase in productivity, less stress and conflict and better communication and understanding between employees.
  • The tools are multi-faceted and versatile and can be used in meetings, trainings, orientations, off-site retreats and conferences.

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The products for home and play are entertaining, off the wall, and engage family and friends in laugh out loud fun. The products bring relationships to a whole new level with surprising conversations and interesting twists and turns.  These games bring the "playful" in you out and the enjoyment back to "play". They are great fun anywhere; around the kitchen table at a Sunday lunch, a dinner party at home, on a long drive, or on a vacation. Endless entertainment for everyone involved.

  • The results at home are more laughter, understanding and interesting conversation that leads to creating closer relationships with your friends and family.
  • The results at play are more fun, surprises, creativity and laugh-out-loud moments to be shared with those you choose to play with whether it is a loved one, co-worker or someone you just met.

Our purpose is to bring you memorable and enduring moments that last not just for today but for a lifetime.
The Interact Team