Our Philosophy is summed up by Leonardo di Vinci' who said "And still I am learning"

We believe that "Life is all about learning and learning happens when we are having fun" as demonstrated by every child we know and cherish. Think about it, there's a 5 year old child locked inside all of us, who, if given the chance, would love to come out and play. Interact Games is founded on the simple principle that "learning and fun go hand in hand." 

Our mission is to bring the inner child out - to inspire, ignite ideas and enrich our minds - whether it's at work, at home or at play. We achieve this by creating educational tools and entertaining games that are designed to stimulate more meaningful conversations and build enduring relationships. Whether it is a card game, a tool kit, a book or a creative idea, the objective is to participate in good old-fashioned fun. Add a dab of intrigue, a spoonful of surprise and a large dose of laugh-out-loud hilarity and we have the ingredients that glue families, friends and colleagues together. Enjoy!

And, because we value the relationships we create, we would love to hear from you about our products and services. If you love it, or would like to see something different let us know. Email us at interact(a)interactgamesllc.com. Thanks and have fun.